1 Kartini Bedroom Setting :
BE - 19 - K/Q
Kartini Bed with Carved Headboard, King or Queen
BT - 04 - L/S
Bedside Table, Two Drawers, Large or Small
CD - 07 - 6
Horizontal Chest of Six Drawers, Rustic Top
PB - PC - 05F
Planters Chair, Fabric or Leather
Magazine Rack, Wooden and Glass Top
Other Beds Without Posts :
[ BE-04-K/Q/S ] Sanjaya Bed made from Antique Doors, King, Queen or Single.   [ BE-20-K/Q/S ] Sleigh Bed with Antique Wood, King, Queen or Single.
[ BE-34-K/Q/S ] Mataram Bed with Antique Carved Panels, King, Queen or Single.   [ BE-35-K/Q ] Padi-padi Bed, Rustic Antique Wood, King or Queen.
[ BE-07-K/Q/S ] Bromo Bed, Rustic Antique Wood, King, Queen or Single.   [ BE-33-K12/Q12/S12 ] Marco Polo Bed, Rustic Antique Wood, with 12cm or 15 cm Pillars, King, Queen or Single.
All Beds Available with Matching Bed Side Tables and Chest of Drawers